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In a country like India where schools and colleges are suffering from multidimensional problems, private academic classes have a big opportunity to prove their relevance and importance in fulfilling the needs of our young students. On one side Government Schools and colleges have lazy teachers, poor attendance of students and substandard infrastructure problems, on the other hand, private organizations and institutions are overcrowded with neo rich students who are trying to get quality education only at the cost of money. There is no place for poor or lower-middle-class students in these private schools and colleges. These private institutes have big buildings, good reception counters to attract rich people, but they don’t have qualified trainers and standard laboratories.

India has almost 60 percent of the young population. They need knowledge and skill training. This huge young population is an asset to our human resources. If this population is well trained in various skills, India can fulfill the skill manpower demand in the international market. Looking at the poor condition of government and private institutes, we can say that this is a golden opportunity for private academic coaching classes.

This is sad to see that the government of India and state governments are not providing any regulatory help to private academic classes. They are flourishing all over India. There are many private academic classes, particularly in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore which are acclaimed among students for providing quality education. Not only this, many small cities like Kota, Allahabad are also trying to leave a big impact on a student's career thus showing a new avenue for future educational entrepreneurs.

This is high time for the governments to re-look the education policy. The government must frame some regulations for private academic classes. Almost all the state governments and central government have treated private academic classes like an enemy of education. They have projected private academic classes as a villain in the national education system. This should not be made as a perpetual practice. This is the high time that governments must reorient their vision about private academic coaching classes.

There should be proper guidelines and regulations for private academic classes to encourage their business. There is no doubt that if such regulations and guidelines are applied in academic classes, they will get a big boost. The government should look at such private classes as supplementary educational institutes. If the government is providing all regulatory facilities to private schools and colleges, there is no harm to bring private academic classes under this category.

Private academic classes are not united at present. This is one of the many reasons that no one in the government is ready to hear their plight. This is high time that private academic classes must think about coming together to solve their common problems like investment, poor infrastructure and harassment from government authorities so that they can make the government look into their matter and solve the regulatory problems.

If such a thing happens in the near future, no doubt private academic classes can attract not only Indian students but foreign students also, which in turn can provide valuable foreign currency to the government. Moreover, private academic classes can make themselves free from harassment from government regulatory authorities.

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