Why Has IV Therapy Grown So Popular?


Well, there are a lot of patients who actually hold a fear in their mind regarding the IV therapy. To them, getting an IV is not just a common occurrence. The IV therapy is just a simple process in which an intravenous catheter is used which allows the passage of fluids and the medications so that it can freelancer flow in the veins of the arm or hand of the patient. It helps in helping the body regain its energy in least time.

Process of IV therapy:

At Joy Medical, the trained professional first inserts an IV by sternly fixing the needle which is present inside the thin tube known as the catheter. The needle is inserted through the skin into the vein. Once the catheter gets connected to the vein, the needle is carefully removed. The catheter is taped down to prevent it from moving and falling out. The process of IV is quite painless but the initial process of inserting the needle can sometimes be quite painful, especially in cases where the needle misses the vein and requires multiple attempts.

When is it required?

The IV therapy is medically required when the digestive system of the patient is not working in a proper manner. Under such conditions, in order to provide the body with necessary fluids, it is used. The common cases  when it is used includes:

·         For receiving blood transfusions

·         For getting medications which cannot be taken via mouth.

·         For receiving fluids which the body is not able retrieve by drinking.

·         As a host of other treatments.

·         In cases like massive bleeding or hyped infection, sudden fall in the blood pressure level, etc.

Under these circumstances, the IV treatment helps a lot in boosting the abilities of the body. It helps in rejuvenation of the energy, increasing the chances of survival.

Due to the advantages served, IV therapy in Sherman oaks has become quite popular and trending. There is a huge percentage of people who are actually taking up the option of receiving IV fluids also under non-medical conditions. There are health centres which provide IV therapy without any recommendation from doctors. The nurse or any medical representative helps with the prices of placing the catheter in the arm after which you can continue receiving IV fluids in whichever place you want. In certain cases, these services also offer a blend of vitamin with electrolytes in order to boost the power of the person. However, all these is done after careful examination of the patient’s symptom and health conditions.

However, it is recommended not to opt for the IV therapy unnecessarily or without any medical complications. The medical centres like Joy Medical do not allow such services as it can leave back serious disorder in the patient’s body if not done cautiously

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