How to replace and repair screen of iPhone 6s plus


How to do with iPhone 6s Plus screen broken? Most users first think that whether it can be free warranty. Of course, if the screen is cracked caused by you are not careful to use, certainly there is no free warranty. In fact, if you own hands-on ability, then you can repair that broken iPhone 6 Plus screen. The following content step by step teaches you to repair iPhone6 Plus screen.


Disassemble has no much to say since it is very simple even if for new user to unload seven screws. If fortunately the screen is broken not too bad, you still have chance to recover it. When the small parts are removed, paste the transparent glue, on the separation machine. Heat it more than 10 minutes until border glue melt. And then install frame, take the box to be careful. Box can be removed to separate. The separation can be successful on the machine to try if the screen is damaged. Perfect unlock, touch no problem, then shovel polarized light, since the iPhone5 generation the polarized light is in the touch and display above, so when the separation of glass mirror is particularly easy to polarize scratched. So decisive to change and do not to delay time.


Recently, the video on the iPhone 6 Plus under the external force influence the fuselage will turn change widely spread in Internet. And this large and thin smart phone therefore was pushed down the cusp of public opinion. Although this phenomenon has not yet been identified as a ubiquitous problem, but anyway, for those who have already suffered or ready to start, Apple's attitude is very important after this sale. According to foreign media reports, now Apple has been posting, by the external role of the iPhone 6 Plus cannot be replaced by Apple's retailers to see the talented people in the bar after the judge can decide.


Apple's sales representatives to the foreign site revealed that Apple's staff will be bent on the mobile phone mechanical visual inspection, if meet the relevant standards, and Apple's maintenance guidance policy coverage, then they will be free for the warranty period Users to replace, or need to pay a certain fee to repair.


When asked about the specific provisions of the replacement, Apple did not provide them with this information. In addition, the representative said that the hope that users can provide more detailed information, and this problem is reflected to a higher level after-sales consultants. Then the station also contacted the Apple public relations team. For the problem, Apple said that some have been bent iPhone 6/6 Plus have the opportunity to change in the Apple store. It is not difficult to see that Apple now on this issue is still very important.


Apple announced the iPhone 6 Plus found the problem, the official launch of the replacement program. The problem is that the iPhone 6 Plus rear iSight camera lens production problems, may lead to shoot out of the photo hazy. The problem with the iPhone 6 Plus is probably sold between September and January this year, and there's no such problem with the iPhone 6.


In fact, we reported this problem as early as November last year. At that time there have been iPhone 6 Plus users complain that the camera cannot focus or stabilize, shoot out the photos and movies are very hazy. Estimate the problem in optical shockproof parts failure. If you are also iPhone 6 Plus users, you can go to the Apple official website to enter the serial number to see if it meets the recall conditions.


If you meet the conditions, Apple will replace the iPhone 6 Plus camera for free. You can go to the Apple Store and Apple Authorized Service Center. Apple also states that "if your iPhone 6 Plus has any damage that may affect the replacement of the camera, such as a screen break, you will need to resolve the problem before accepting the service." In some cases, you may need to pay for maintenance. "


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