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When comparing the bottom interface of iPhone 7 plus to 6s plus, you will find some obvious differences. There is an advantage of iPhone 7 plus that is to reduce one interface, so that iPhone 7 waterproofing costs become lower, which was involved after the end of the iPhone 7 conference at the first time when Cell Phone Age com has done related introduction.


Second, as 3.5mm headphone hole canceled, it’s no longer available for you to listen to songs or watch videos through headphones while charging power for iPhone. People feel uncomfortable, although manufacturers usually recommend that you do not do so. Fortunately, there are manufacturers which have introduced connect adapter supporting for iPhone 7 plus Lightning output 3.5mm headphone jack.


The iPhone 7 Plus also brings a stereo extroversion, that is, in addition to the bottom, the top of the handset can also sound. With comparison of the iPhone 6S Plus, extroverted sound quality of iPhone 7 plus is improved significantly.


AirPods wireless headset

Cell Phone Age com has never in a single product evaluation increased content to introduce a mobile phone accessory that not belongs to retail standard packaging. This time the AirPods wireless headset is an exception. For this item that cause hot discussing among Apple’s fans, there are more details you should know.


AirPods wireless headphone looks like a cut line EarPod headphone. Different from common Bluetooth headset on mobile accessories market, its body is without any buttons. And, for a wireless headset, it retains the wearing sense of EarPod headphones, and the shape is exquisite small enough. In addition to the shape, in Cell Phone Age com’s opinion the most subversive improvement on AirPods this wireless headset is the way of matching connection.


Open the headset charging box, close to the iPhone 7/7 Plus, the phone will automatically pop up matching interface. After pairing, take AirPods to plug into ear it will automatically play music or answer a calling, remove it then stop. Not only that, a headset in common use with a number of platforms is also a major highlight of it. In other words, iPhone 6S equipped with iOS 10 operating system and iPad can match it. Updated to the latest Mac OS Macbook can also use it, as long as they are landing with the same iCloud account.


AirPods wireless headset can provide about 5 hours of battery life, insert into the charging box it can provide about 24 hours of battery life, this little headset life time is quite impressive. But its size is so small, how to do with lose? No one can guarantee that do not lose things, otherwise every year there will not be so many people lost the phone. Apple's response strategy is very simple, throw an AirPods headset does not affect the rest that can still be used normally.


Photograph is enhanced significantly  

Whether you look at it uncomfortable or not, although the pixel is the same 12 million, the rear lens of iPhone 7 plus is more obvious than the previous generation of 6s plus. IPhone 7 rear lens aperture from iPhone 6s F / 2.2 increased to f / 1.8, supporting for optical image stabilization, up to 5 times the digital zoom.


While the iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with a rear dual 12 million pixel lens, a wide-angle lens, aperture for the f / 1.8; the other one is a telephoto lens, aperture f / 2.8, support for optical image stabilization, also supports 2x optical zoom And up to 10x digital zoom. You can find iPhone 7 Plus dual cameras are different from other products. Huawei P9 is also a dual camera design, a black and white sensor, a color sensor. LG G5 is an ordinary lens, a wide-angle lens.


In addition, since the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera also supports up to 6 times video zoom, for which the optical zoom is 2 times. Conscience Apple makes the popularity of optical image stabilization feature in iPhone 7 series of products. In the previous generation only iPhone 6s plus supports such function, which greatly enhances the success rate of shooting in dark environment.


CPU is upgraded to quad-core with 3GB RAM

In our understanding, following the escalation Apple will not do much hardware updates for iPhone 7/7 Plus. In fact, this upgrade is quite clear. The new A10 Fusion processor from the previous generation A9 dual-core upgrades to the quad core and the fuselage RAM from 16GB up to 32GB.


According to the announcement of Apple, the A10 Fusion processor integrates the M10 coprocessor, which is 40% faster than the A9 processing speed, and the new graphics processor is 50% faster than the A9.


It is worth mentioning that, iPhone 7 is with 2GB of running memory, and iPhone 7 Plus because of the need for dual camera is equipped with a larger 3GB RAM, reflected in the GenkBench 4 test, single-core and multi-core performance is clearly higher than the iPhone 6S Plus.


And then on battery capacity, iPhone 7 for the 1960 mA (iPhone 6s is 1715 mA), while the iPhone 7 Plus from the previous generation 6s plus of 2750 mA to 2900 mAh. With the new A10 Fusion processor, the Apple official website provides the data that iPhone 7 increased by two hours in life time, iPhone 7 Plus increased by one hour, not too much to enhance.


Brightness Screen of iPhone 7 plus increased by 25%

IPhone 7 and 7 Plus screen each is 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, the resolution was 1334x750 pixels and 1920x1080 pixels, PPI has no change, but the brightness increased by 25% compared to previous model iPhone 6s plus, with a wider gamut.


Cell Phone Aged com compared the actual display effects of iPhone 7 Plus screen and iPhone 6S Plus. What the more obvious is, iPhone 7 Plus tends to warm color while 6S Plus is cold (do not rule out individual differences). When moving to maximum brightness of both 7 Plus and 6S Plus, showing the same picture to three colleagues. All of they think the iPhone 7 Plus displays better.


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