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Parents are racking their brains in choosing good children books for their kids. Perhaps some people will say why not choose books in accordance with the recommended book list and award-winning book catalog? But think it over, the so-called "Children's favorite books" are really suitable for your kids? Even the winning books, also cannot not guarantee the real value.

What kind of books are good children books? Even the children book authors have different ideas about it, so it is really not easy to judge a book is good or not.

Catherine Mechel, who is one of the jury members of famous American Newbery prize for Children's literature, she said in Children's literature, the most valuable thing is the transmission of a message of hope. But the writer Natalie Babbitt thinks, the key of children’s books is the interesting people and interesting stories. In the eyes of Babbitt, "Alice in Wonderland" is such a model, it was considered to be one of the most classic Children's books in the world. Some writers thought, good books should describe the different life rich and colorful...... These views are of course correct.

No matter what type the book is, the most important thing is it should be accordance with children language and emotional acceptance ability, and can give children wings, let them fly in the sky of imagination, then the book can be called as a good book.

Some people recommend the book over the Children's reading ability, the child cannot understand the expression of emotion in the book, just sleepwalk reading, which is not of any significance.

For the infants, it is better to give them books which is light, parents should be more carefully when they select the books. Parents should not only consider the picture and the content, size and shape is also very important. Parents know more about their children's habits, if children like to catch book and throw it, you should first consider buying some heavy books which they cannot throw it easily and hurt themselves.

In order to cultivate children's sensory capabilities, focusing their attention, parents can choose cloth and foam material books, of course a key voice e-book is also a good choice.

Parents should gradually shift selection focus, focus on the story, the intention of the author and illustrator matches or not, the language proper or not. When reading books for children, watch the children carefully, and see if they give response to the repetitive, rhythmic language.

Also, the book with big and clear characters, paragraph spacing between words, can make children focus on them for a long time. Picture books should be with bright colors, but when the children become familiar with reading, color is not the problem, you can let the children read some pastel drawing books.

When the children is reading a book which is with less painting and more words, parents must review the book first, and see what the writer intended to convey, to make sure the writer’s view is realistic, not porced from reality.


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