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Samsung Galaxy Note II is second-generation product of Samsung Galaxy Note series, officially released on August 30, 2012. It is a smart phones using 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, Exynos 4412 cortex-A9 processor, Android OS 4.1 operating system. It is configured to reach the 2012 flagship level. This device is equipped with its own quad-core processor, built-in 2GB RAM, does not support 4G network connection. The product 9.4mm body thickness, the camera resolution is up to 800 million pixels. Large screen gives you a better visual experience.


Galaxy Note II presents its screen of 720p resolution in a 16: 9 wide-screen scale, providing users with a clear and detailed visual experience. Although compared to the first generation Note resolution reduced by 80 pixels, but the actual screen display but also improved. The reason is Galaxy Note 2 uses a new RGB pixel arrangement, compared to Pentile pixel arrangement, the display is more delicate. Galaxy Note II offers 16GB, 32GB of optional storage space, match 4.2 version of Android system, with high system fluency, high quality for video playback, run large games or multi-tasking without pressure.


Galaxy Note 2 further improved the hardware level, quad-core Exynos 4412 processor, single-core frequency up to 1.6GHz, while equipped with 2GB of running memory. And this phone after the boot only takes about 580MB of memory, the remaining memory in the 1.2GB or so, so memory obsessive-compulsive disorder Android users in the use of Note II, do not need to worry about memory "alarm" situation occurs.


Galaxy Note II equipped with 8 million / 1.9 million pixel dual camera, both are used of BSI back-illuminated components, the main camera supports 1080p high-quality video recording, the front camera supports 720p resolution video, so that self-timer friends are no longer limited to space. In addition, the machine is more supportive of sharing, continuous and best photos, etc. Even better, the phone was joined with the best facial expression features, allowing users to from the task photos, for each person singled out the most satisfying posture and facial expression. You can also use S Pen for photo editing, but also pictures can be converted into jpg format to share.


The difference on modeling between Galaxy Note II and the first generation of Galaxy Note is not particularly large, but continuing the classic design style, at the same time joined the natural elements like Galaxy S3. Bothe rounded four corners and materials feel even better than arc-shaped edge of the screen glass. And with the evaluated version of S Pen, to provide more accurate, comfortable, and can create a natural writing experience and painting experience. In addition Galaxy Note II offers gray and white as choice. In addition to the powerful S Pen operation, Galaxy Note 2 in the system of humane experience is also very good. While the Smart stay eye recognition technology, Pop up Play picture-in-picture function, S Voice and S Beam, etc. all are essential. Another 3100mAh battery capacity provides a foundation for powerful performance, showing that Galaxy Note 2 is attractive enough.


This Note 2 is exactly the extension of GALAXY S3, the same narrow border, the same fillet, even the fillet angle are exactly the same, just because the phone's length and width are stretched, from the visual feel Note 2 seems more square upright. To be sure, Note 2 is the largest mobile phone I've ever seen (second only to Huawei Mate). Note one 5.3-inch screen size is recognized by the market, causing a group of manufacturers to quarrel, and this Note 2 upgrade to 5.5 inches, whether it can continue the success of the first Note, it needs to wait for market testing.


On the screen Note 2 design is almost the same as S3, but the handset has a metal mesh cover. The left side of the hidden LED, in a special event the LED lights will be lit, especially in the evening it is very eye-catching. But the LED will continue to consume battery power, so I chose to turn it off. The right side of the handset is the sensor and front camera, Note II is equipped with a 1.9 million pixel front camera, you can shoot 720P level dynamic video. Obviously, in Note II, Samsung on this phone did a one-hand operation optimization. So in this phone, the boot key position relative to S3 is a lot lower, so that when your right hand holding the phone, it is easy for your thumb to touch the boot button. At the same time in this phone, you can find on the top and bottom, respectively, there is a MIC, through which to eliminate the surrounding call noise has become the consensus of all smart phone manufacturers.


The biggest highlight of system is Note II is equipped with Android 4.1 system. Chris Cui from Cell Phone Age thought it’s not sure if this phone can become the first "non-Google descent" Android 4.1 phone after GALAXY Nexus, Nexus S and XOOM, but it is sure that Samsung system iterations update will be very fast, especially for the flagship phone. Starting from Android 4.1, Samsung Touchwiz provides an interface selection function, so that you can switch in normal and simple mode, while the big icon is very convenient. This feature is not unique to Note II, the English version of the S III push 4.1 rom already has this feature.


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