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LG's new generation of flagship smartphone will be officially named "G2". G2 debuted at the New York conference on August 7, 2013. The machine is equipped with 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 13 million pixel of camera, 3,000mAh non-replaceable battery, running Android 4.2.2 jelly bean system. It supports for multi-point auto focus and optical image stabilization. What also more distinctive is the volume key was moved on the back. Whether this practice is useful in the actual use is not yet known, but it is certain that using frequency on back of the G2 is certainly much higher than other phones.


Specifications and Performances

For such a design of the original intention, LG said that when the mobile phone screen size becomes larger and bigger, when user take one hand to operate, it’s more and more difficult to touch the volume key on side of fuselage. If put volume key on the back, it’s much easier to operate. It is desirable to put as many control buttons as possible in the range of the user's finger to touch. In addition, this Optimus G's successor has superior specifications, many interesting designs and features.


LG was originally regarded as a lazy international manufacturer, of which consumers complain about the speed of their system updates. But this time the innovation in LG own flagship model can be described as exhausted, a lot of highlights. And from the online price it can be seen that LG expressed more sincere to return to the market. This product is installed with the LG's own pocket photo portable printer, come together the price is even more affordable than the same configuration of Xiaomi phone. Although LG's original system upgrade has been criticized, this time relative to the Samsung S4, Apple 5s and other flagship models in the price it has a great competitive edge. If you do not like the Samsung Galaxy series that unchanged shape, and Apple, Xiaomi and Meizu is not your favor, then may wish to try civilized LG G2.


From the point of view on just configuration of LG G2, you can know that it can stand a variety of games toss, and the fact is also the same. No need to mention casual games, large-scale games can also be full effect of the case to keep running smoothly. In addition, the LG screen is a well-known effect, so the games screen fineness, viewing angle are very satisfied. If must be critical of the words, that is, virtual keys sometimes cause some misuse.


Special Features

The LG G2 new features include Guest Mode guest mode, which can limit the use of other people on the phone application; Audio Zoom in the recording and playback can automatically adjust the volume; Plug and Pop, LG mobile phone will automatically recognize the headset, Bluetooth device, USB device, automatically select the list, quickly open music, videos, and YouTube.


As the power button to move to the back of fuselage, there may be inconvenience caused by unlocking, LG G2 in particular to join the function Knockon wake-up screen, as long as click screen twice can start the screen. And SildeAside is the mobile multi-program application function, in the designated three applications, with the finger to slide the App icon to left, automatically switch between different programs.


On camera, LG G2 is equipped with 13 million pixel rear camera, made of sapphire. Compared to other mobile phone camera lens, there are three times harder to prevent the lens from scratches and image deviation. In addition, LG G2 supports 3 OIS optical image stabilization, and is known as the first camera using the technology of 13 million pixel level, so that night shooting better.


In order to ensure that when the back of fuselage placed down will not be mistakenly to unlock the key, LG G2 for the unlock button on both sides designed the arc raise. By the engadget of the trial shows that this arc protrusion is very good to avoid misuse. And this overall design brought about by the direct effect is a narrow border, only 2.85mm, the visual is also very narrow; it also makes the 5.2-inch screen fuselage will not look too large; LG G2 screen with the whole HD IPS material, the maximum brightness of 450 nits.


Battery lifetime

LG G2 is equipped with a non-removable 3000mAh "daughter battery". In the open cell phone found, above G2 original flat rectangular battery there is one smaller thin piece of battery. Although this small piece of battery to provide the power is very limited, in an emergency time it can play a key role. Super long life performance seems to have become one of strong bright spots for LG G2 to seize market share.


In addition to LG G2 (3000mAh), but also to find the Nexus 5, Galaxy S4 (2600mAh) Sony Xperia Z1 (3000mAh) and iPhone 5S (1570mAh) and HTC One (2300mAh) which are relatively popular on market for mobile phone test comparison. From the results, the most prominent for the LG G2, its life time of 6 hours and 48 minutes, throw off the other opponents. And as the main test of the Nexus 5 performance in the middle position, the results for 4 hours and 50 minutes, slightly lower than the Galaxy S4 4 hours 59 minutes.


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