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With the popularizing of smartphone, related mobile accessories are also more and more essential for users. Especially on phone protections, among various items phone cases play important role. In recently years, the wallet style of phone case is listing on sale with multifunction. Such as PU leather wallet case by Cell Phone Age can protect the entire body of the iPhone 6, providing 360 degree protection and security protection for your iPhone, cash and cards. It also supports Anti drip, dustproof, vibration, anti-scratch, and anti-drip, to better protect your mobile phone. Meanwhile it can be used as a wallet to hold cashes and cards. Next Cell Phone Age com will shares some evaluations from real experienced users.


David was impressed by this case. From his opinion, it makes it easy to carry just the basics for quick trips out on the weekends. The case is a stiff TPU frame that fits around the phone well. The phone fits securely in the case. When in the case all the buttons perfectly. It does add some bulk overall. It seems like it will add a fair amount of protection if phone is dropped. David thought TPU case for phone fits in is just glued the wallet case. It has not shown any signs of coming loose and this case is used daily. At the top of the case on the spine there is a small grommet that you could put a wrist strap through.


Wayne gave this product a five star rating because it meets every need that he was looking for in a wallet style case. It has a sleek and thin design with a secure fit on his phone and the pocket design on the case keeps the cards snug so they don't fall out easily. Wayne had his case for a week or so and there is a single thread loose but nothing he would notice if he wasn't writing this review. There were many reviews regarding the quality of the magnet but he hasn’t noticed any issues with the case opening up etc.


Eric has always used a wallet type case for his phone. He said it was nice to be able to just grab keys and phone as his head out knowing he has everything he need in his phone case. So when he found this case he had to give it a try. Unfortunately he has spent more money on cases of lesser quality and value. Eric really likes this wallet style case because the phone can be removed and do not need to have all cards sticking out when he is using it in public.


Anna loves the wallet style phone case. It's convenient, durable, has lots of pockets for all her cards and holds cash in several different places. She loves that the phone comes away from the case. Now she no longer has to carry a wallet. Stylish, well made. That's probably politically incorrect, but she has a feeling they've done this phone case on purpose. She said would purchase another one if this one ever wears out. Anyway, she highly recommends it.


Karen bought this case for her husband as a carrying his phone in his pocket and it is always dirty with a scratched screen even though it has a glass protector on it. She found this case was so slim that it still goes in his pocket and the screen has some protection. The case is so inexpensive that when it gets dirty and scratched up, she said she would just buy him another one. He thanked her for getting it for him and promptly put his golf ID card in it. That is the highest pending rating she has ever gotten from getting a gift for him.


Since Sarah bought this phone case, it has been four months of hard use and it's still going strong. It's a very attractive case so much that her boyfriend stole it off her phone right in front of her. The material is well chosen for the product. The only issues she had with the case is the lining looks and feels "cheap" and she was not a big fan of iPhone. But she has so far been wrong about the lining it has been over stuffed and put to its limits and has come out on top every time. The only issues coming to light are with the phone case the adhesive used is breaking loose and small tears are forming on the spine however it has out lived her expectations by a long shot.


After buying this wallet case, Richard thought this was a nice case for anyone who wants to have their phone and wallet in one handy case. It is well made and inexpensive. There are several inserts for credit cards and a space for cash too. He did lose a little space, it is not quite large enough to act as a wallet normally does, but he decided to downsize and am happier for it. Now he can take just his phone and keys into the gym and he can pipe music through Bluetooth.


Since iPhone X will be listed for sale on next month, many iPhone fans cannot wait to pre-order phone case for iPhone X. And at present this PU wallet case for iPhone X has been launched for selling on Cell Phone Age com.


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