As far as I understand, the ‘Platinum 10 Minutes’ clearly specify the importance of Emergency Care in the lives of patients or accident victims standing at the door of death. It is this “Just in time” pre-hospital care received by patients from a professional paramedic before reaching the nearest hospital, which increases the chance of survival. It is universally accepted across the healthcare industry to have saved lives and can do wonders with the proper Emergency Response System in place. This first aid is the reason why I think emergency ambulances and the paramedics operating them are need of the hour. Our government authorities, NGOs and various other emergency healthcare providers have well understood it. All of them have left no stone unturned in improving the ambulance facilities and accordingly categorised them – Cardiac Ambulance, Ventilator Ambulance, Mobile Medical Units, etc. – as per the requirements. We have not only van ambulances but also helicopter and boat ambulances now. The only focus here is to provide first aid and transport the patients to the nearest healthcare facility at the earliest by any means.

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