The most intelligent races in World of Warcraft


The most intelligent races in World of Warcraft





The story of World of Warcraft originated from the trade of an orc and a demon. The legend of Warcraft's origin story in Warcraft 2 begins with Warcraft III and continues into Warcraft III, which has been the driving point of legend and one of the most interesting parts of the story. Now whether it is World of Warcraft or other similar large-scale online games, there are a lot of orc legends. For example, take us to Nagrand's Burning Crusade, or bring players to witness the warlords in the game. In the early days of the MMO, Thrall was indeed a detail of the play, not only because he was the most benevolent and popular leader in World of Warcraft, but he also had an inspiring story. If players don't want to waste a lot of time during the upgrade process, using WOW Classic Boosting will help you save a lot of time.




2; night elves


The night elf claims to be Kaldorei, and the meaning of Kaldorei is the son of the stars. They created Azeroth in the World of Warcraft classics. It also includes a variety of objects such as sentinels, rangers, or ancient magic trees. There are always some amazing legends about the split races, so the night elves are among the best in this list. The Night Elf was the first race to learn magic as a wizard. They used magic to win battles with the Burning Legion, but they paid a huge price. While defeating the enemy, his own race is about to be destroyed, killing eight hundred and killing one thousand. Their magical knowledge is not so much lost as it is a sign of death and doom and is avoided after division. They are always lonely and mysterious, and until another influential race begins to invade the territory on which they depend, they apply to join the Alliance to avoid disaster.





3: Trolls


The troll is perhaps the oldest race in Azeroth, even older than the night elves and monsters. But even in the retail version of World of Warcraft, the debate about trolls is still fierce. There are several different tribes and species of trolls that live in almost every environment. The race covers multiple roles including warriors, priests, shamans, hunters and thieves, just to show you their diversity. . . Speaking of legend, they are one of the most developed races in Azeroth. Their ancient religions, unusual customs, rich historical heroes and performances make them the main players in the early history of Azeroth. It is worth noting that Volgen, the leader of the Dark Spear Tribe, has a close relationship with Thrall in the classic World of Warcraft period and is a favorite of fans.

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