The Rocket Canyon was arise advanced this year ...


You still accept time to get to Rocket League Credits that Advancing Rank you've been alive toward, so hit those Advancing Playlists. Acceptable luck and accept fun!

Psyonix has assuredly arise a absolution date for its highly-anticipated "Rocket Pass" which will serve as a Fortnite-esque division canyon for their car-combat/soccer bold Rocket League. The canyon will be accessible from September 5th to November 26th.

The Rocket Canyon was arise advanced this year as agency of growing the game's progression system. It's about the above as the "Battle Pass" which actualization in Ballsy Games' accepted battle-royale bold Fortnite - wherein; by artlessly amphitheatre the game, as able-bodied as accepting XP which will go appear your level, you will adeptness "tiers" which will accolade you with an alarming corrective item 

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