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Attempts Katz FredKatz March Madden Mobile Account The Rockets were poised to blow by this seasons high which is points done by the Cavaliers on Nov the same night the Warriors scored points in their first half But Houston missed a couple makeable shots late that otherwise would have propelled it past that mark Once it looked like


 Patrick Beverley might be able to squeeze in a layup and passed it up At the end of the half Trevor Arizas halfcourt bomb was just barely too long Instead theyll have to settle only for a point lead at halftime and missed shots in attempts as they demolish the ThunderThe Rockets continued their hot shooting streak scoring points through three


 quarters They finished the rd quarter shooting percent from the floor including this James Harden buzzer beateThe Cavaliers got trounced by the Spurs on Monday elevating the Celtics to the No seed in the Eastern Conference by a halfgame Much has been made of Clevelands defensive weakness and seeming vulnerability despite the Cavaliers


leading the conference standings essentially  Madden Mobile 18 Account all season to this pointWill it matter in May when the Easts entrant into the NBA Finals is decided LeBron James teams have made six straight NBA Finals His teams have been the Easts No seed only twice in that span last season and in The Bulls were the No seed in and the Pacers won it in and the

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