No other choice but NBA 2K18 MT to send


No other choice but  NBA 2K18 MT to send an extra defender to the strong side whenever Whiteside sets a screen It doesn't have to be a great one He can even slip the screen making no contact and the help has to e anyway because if the ballhandler gets him the ball chances are he's going to scoreThat opens up a lot of room for his teammates to operate Sometimes it's


 as easy as getting the defense to collapse by using the threat of the Whiteside dive and then finding the open shooter Rookies Justise Winslow and Josh Richardson got open corner threepointers by being on the weak side when the Heat ran a pickandroll with Whiteside screening They just had to catch and shoot while their men desperately


 tried to recover after helping on the Heat's centerSometimes the plays take a little longer to develop Maybe the helper recovers to chase his man off the threepoint line or someone else rotates over It doesn't matter The defense is already a step behind and with enough patience the cracks will show It's just a matter of attacking the seams that open up


 and Whiteside's teammates are getting Buy NBA 2K18 MT  better and better at doing just thatWhiteside can even do some damage himself after the initial action by crashing the offensive glass Even against an elite defensive rebounding team like the Hornets he's managed to get his hands on misses often because he's relentless That sometimes causes opponents to

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