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One brief substitution NBA 2K18 MT  in the thirdDurant has been a reason for the Thunder's lategame struggles this season Too often Oklahoma City's staroriented offense devolved into isolations and stagnant possessions something that frequently costed them On Sunday though Durant talked about the importance of moving off the ball and using screens


set for him Twice he beat his man backdoor for alleyoop passes The gameclinching shot one possession after Westbrook's pass over Leonard's head came when Durant circled around and popped straight to the corner for a dagger threeThe Thunder couldn't have won without Dion Waiters and Enes Kanter either The two rotation cogs have been


 vilified for their sometimes inconsistent oneway play but both performed huge in the fourth closing down the stretchWe're not focused on what happened in the regular season Waiters said asked about the team's fourth quarter struggles We know what we have to do to close gamesSan Antonio is a team steeped with veterans with the NBA's


 most stable coach When they enter the Cheap NBA 2K18 MT fourth quarter with a lead like the fourpoint one they had it's usually a death blow But Oklahoma City's quarter left no room for uncertainty They owned it They avoided the collapses that had plagued their season and sidestepped a series deficit that would have likely been the end of themI don't think we

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