Purpose He was signed NBA 2K18 MT on


Purpose He was signed NBA 2K18 MT on April the day of the meaningless final game of Cleveland's regular season He played minutes that night Heading into the most meaningful part of the NBA season Cleveland had an empty spot on their roster By signing any warm body they could reduce the risk of an actual good player missing important basketball


due to an injury suffered playing unimportant basketball like the season finale or playoff garbage timeSo what type of player did they try to get with that th spotDid they need a young player who could develop into something meaningful down the line No It's time for the playoffs If the Cavs wanted to work on a project they would've signed him


in OctoberDid they need a backup center in case something happens to one of their big men No they already have those At this point Timofey Mozgov is their thirdstring center which I suppose makes Sasha Kaun their fourthstring center They didn't need a fifthstringDid they need a strong veteran voice in the clubhouse with playoff experience to


 keep the team centered in the most Buy NBA 2K18 MT important part of the year The Cavs already have Richard Jefferson and Mo Williams and James Jones They're building a nursing home down on the end of the bench That's enough veteran voicesDid they need an extra shooter Can't hurt right I mean they already have James Jones who isn't playing much and

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