For somebody to NBA 2K18 MT make


For somebody to  NBA 2K18 MT make Cleveland better at basketball They were looking for somebody who could irritate opponents into making them worse and Jones was the perfect signingOnce upon a time Jones was a meaningful NBA player He even started on a Nuggets team that made it all the way to the conference finals He was never good at shooting


 and would probably have an aneurysm if asked to run point but he was athletic smart and dedicated to shutting down opposing scorers And as happens to many players dedicated to shutting down opposing scorers he got good at personally irritating them He upset Kobe Bryant in those playoffs with a blatant trip In he sprained Bryants ankle


by cutting under him as he shot a dirty move that Bryant certainly felt was intentionalBut athleticism disappears with age and Jones best basketball skill vanished By he was the same awful offensive player he always was but without the trademark defense that made him a key cog on good teams All that was left was the irritation factor Nobody


 signed him in the season Last year he  Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Coins played poorly in limited minutes with the Clippers but he still managed to find a way to upset opponents even in games he didnt play He upset Draymond Green by bumping into him during a postgame interviewJones has long claimed his actions from undercutting Kobe to bumping Green have been unintentional

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