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In World of Warcraft, the role from the mage can probably be said to have went through storm. In the WOW classic, the mage is certainly one on the strongest characters. Even if the mage position is reduced inside copy on the Blackwing's Nest, the ability in the mage to earn money is still definitely. Only the economy The source could be the standard for measuring a character. In the World of Warcraft more than ten years, the mage is the existence that is looking around. Various domineering nicknames emerged endlessly, showing how powerful the mage role is.



And the mage happens to be one from the most populous characters from the game. Even those players who would like to play warriors or thieves generally play a full-level mage first. Old players in WOW classic in World of Warcraft generally make this happen. Because this allows the mage to back up his other characters and improve his game progress. How many mage populations are usually in WOW classic, I believe that anybody is very clear, anytime when a new server starts, you will find basically mages everywhere, other There are few roles. The same is true from the role with the mage greater than a decade ago. Of course, Blizzard has not been indifferent on the mage, and made a group of changes. Now the mage has become one from the most miserable roles.



In the World of Warcraft 60 version, the mage, AOE ability is certainly very strong. It is extremely easy to win Cheap WOW Classic Gold. In the wow classic, the mage's snowstorm skills were changed, enhancing the skill delay. Then, so that you can limit the mage's efficiency in earning gold, doom The drop of Maul and Zul'Gurub was changed. Of course, Zul will not be opened yet. This is exactly the data with the test suit. The drop with the crocodile is absolutely low. Although the mage continues to be weakened, a chance to copy copies is not reduced much, just with regard to income.



It is famous that each character of WOW classic features its own characteristics and possesses a fixed position from the copy. These differences also lead on the treatment inside copy. Although the former mage would not subsidize in MC, additionally, it mixed with Feng Shui. But inside current BWL, examine those warriors, thieves, treatments, etc. Some hunters have subsidies to acquire, just the mage has nothing. Due for the large number of mages, they should do it when entering they copy. Good relationships.



Basically all players believe that the mage generally is a relatively wealthy player, therefore the mage equipment from the team copy is mostly very expensive, as well as a large part from it is a result of the player coaxing the retail price. When the mage is unwilling to purchase the equipment with a high price At that time, a lot of people still asserted the mage was too unrecognizable. The status quo could be that the mage is holding the highest-priced equipment, which is impossible to paddle from the copy, and there is no bonus. If players ca n’t read more rewards, they're able to choose to go to to purchase the cheapest World of Warcraft gold, that won't only save a lot of time as well as, but bring you full surprises.

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