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Crafty finishes from poe currency somewhere inside the paint Lee will make shots Though he turnsthis season Lee's game isn't dependent on athleticismBoston was a middling offense finishing Noin points perpossessions but they were better defensively placing NoLee can help the Celtics score some quick points but he's no longer a player you can


build an offense around at the expense of his subpar defense Balancing Lee with the other four big men will be keyStevens has consistently impressed since taking over in Boston inbut this is another dilemma he'll have to solve Johnson is a toughnosed defender that fits the defensive culture he's developing Considering Johnson was


Boston's top targetthey signed him on the first day of free agencyand considering the fit Johnson's the likely starter at power forward over Lee Mixing in Lee behind him has to be done judiciouslyand may end up being less frequently than Lee expectsUsing Lee in a second unit like this could help accentuate his strengths


offensivelyPGSGSFPFCIsaiah ThomasMarcus poe currency buy SmartJae CrowderDavid LeeKelly OlynykLee would be involved on every trip down the floor providing Smart and Thomas a veteran roll man and putting shooting around the edges in case the defense collapses on LeeBut that fiveman unit would be awful defensively You're left wanting

There are a lot of games we have done very well, So our goods is the cheapest.welcome to:

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