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Being handed the poe currency reins to Team USA inThat first year at theOlympics the three were Jason Kidd Chris Paul and Deron Williams At theOlympics it was Paul Williams and Russell Westbrook At theWorld Championships Krzyzewski went with Stephen Curry Kyrie Irving and Derrick RosePaul participated in last week's mandatory


minicamp and assuming he remains healthy is expected to play next summer in Rio Curry is the reigning league MVP and a player with a perfect skillset for international playOh yeah Ten times out ofthey'll be on the team Wall said referring to Paul and Curry Chris Paul has already won one Olympic gold medalSteph Curry had an


amazing last year and just won the World CupThat leaves Wall Irving Westbrook Mike Conley andMichael CarterWilliams fighting for one spot though Westbrook could slide over to shooting guard Rose and Damian Lillard didn't participate in the Las Vegas minicamp In July USA Basketball managing directorJerry Colangelo told


ESPN that the minicamp was mandatory poe currency buy for anyone interested in playing in Rio and so it would seem that Rose and Lillard are now ineligible for that roster Kobe Bryant could be an exception as Colangelo noted last weekWall made it clear toCSN Washington that he expects Irving who already has Team USA experience under his belt

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