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I would like to make mention of one other tiny detail that struck me while playing – and that is that the jiggle physics on Sophitia and Xianghua were both fascinating and ridiculous. While playing the Soulcalibur, my fighting partner and I were quite amused to discover a glitch with Xianghua’s victory pose – her boobs appeared to move of their own accord, as if there were something else shuffling around inside her chest. It was rather like a scene from Alien, and we both become incredibly concerned for Xianghua’s wellbeing. Thankfully, the glitch only happened once, but the moment will live on forever.

The game was originally announced at The Game Awards, but the following day SoulCalibur 6 producer Motohiro Okubo explained more about the game at PC.

Here are the details GameSprite has released thus far:

The fourth video showcases the girls in action, with Xianghua versus Sophitia. Again, we get to see the Critical Edge for both ladies.

Today’s other reveal is Zasalamel, who first appeared in Soulcalibur 3 and quickly became one of the series’ most popular characters. Zasalamel returns, scythe in hand, in his quest for the holy blade Soulcalibur (and ultimately to become the twisted demon known as Abyss). You can see him in action in the character reveal trailer below.

Okubo: As far as ideas go, we already have lots of them as well as finalized concepts, but we can’t talk about them yet. But we can already tell you that fans will love them!

According to Okubo, Nightmare is a character who "symbolizes" the dark element, and him fully embracing that role has helped turn him into an "incredibly important character for the series."

The next query and answer coincides with what Maximilian Dood had said during his appearance on UpUpDownDown at 14:30 about the character roster number not being official.

The third video shows a match between Grøh and Kilik, and this time around at the controls are pro-player Yuta “Kamisama” Kamizono from team Godsgarden against the game’s Battle Planner. And here we get a chance to see Kilik’s Critical Edge in action and some high-level gameplay.

Zasalamel will be back in the upcoming Soul Calibur online game alongside his iconic Death Scythe, Kafziel. According to PC Gamer, Zasalamel is a selfish evil magician who first appeared in the third installment of the series.

Ivy also has a very interesting story which explains why she has always been out for revenge.

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