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The same wayLook poe currency to the bottom right side of this Harrison Barnes dunk video next to the cameramen There's the stoic man in blue He's lost in deep thought His arms are wrapped around his knee and he's staring into the distance He's at a basketball game physically but mentally he's traversing time and space in search for a deeper


meaning to human existence Is ball really life And just as he starts to consider that maybe ball is really just ball and there's more to this world Barnes demolishes Howard and snaps him back to reality That dunk was so good it solved the deepest existential question It was so good that it made Andre Iguodala spring up snatch his hat off


and dance around like a Wednesday Addams and Shirley Temple hybridBut the sad part in all of this is that Harrison Barnes is a kind man Not kind like Kevin Durant whose quiet nature implied that he was nice before we all found out this was merely hiding a relentless monster that blocks little children and makes grown men rethink


their profession Barnes is like a Sunday poe currency buy morning in the fall when the trees and the ground are still shimmering and reflective from last night's rain He's movienightwithyourhighschoolsweetheart niceThat needs to be said because he dunked on Dwight Howard and did the most humble celebration one could do He walked away as if it was

There are a lot of games we have done very well, So our goods is the cheapest.welcome to:

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