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In battle, Groh uses a double-saber, and what is particularly notable about it is that it can be separated into two smaller weapons if the Soul Calibur player desires. On top of that, he can also use shockwave attacks and also possesses the power of teleportation.
Tekken 7 and Soul Calibur 6 producer, Motohiro Okubo, talks about input lag, Noctis and more in new interview
Two stages were playable. "The Shrine of Eurydice" has the warriors battling under statues and architecture of Greek gods past, while "Snow-Capped Showdown" sees them fight on an icy shore next to a lake. Neat little features bring the arenas to life, such as the shrine's mosaic flooring crumbling underfoot and the colours transitioning under a warm, orange sunset as the fight continued.
When I interviewed the Soul Calibur game’s producer, I asked about how the game would work for non-fans. It turns out it actually covers for this with a neat little gimmick where the first time you encounter major characters you’ll be asked if you want to ‘reminisce’ about them. Selecting Yes will play a brief slideshow of images from the show over which Akko introduces the character and her thoughts about them. I know some other licensed games have done similar (the Arkham games for instance allowing you to read dossiers on allies and foes) but this is a good way to get newbies up to speed and not something every licensed title necessarily does.
The information detailing the closure of said mode comes in by SoulCalibur official Twitter account. You can read the announcement right here
One thing I was disappointed by was the graphics level. The Soul series has always had spacious arenas but here they didn’t feel as cutting edge to me. There’s an old saying that the current generation’s cutscene level is the next gen’s in-game level, so maybe I’ve just grown too familiar with the current gen to be wowed?

The sword itself is quite distinctive and the way that it is used in the game is also extremely unique. I think you’ll see that when watching gameplay. In addition to this kind of unique feature, the way that Groh moves in the game is incredibly cool, particularly the way that his clothing flaps and shifts around after he has made a cut.

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