Advantages and Functions of Stenter Machine


The stenter is the heart of textile finishing. It develops more and more into a multi-purpose line for the production of technical textiles and other web-shaped materials. Several thousands of LiCheng stenters are in use all around the globe. Every day they are stentering, drying, heat-setting, functionalizing and coating incountable meters of the most different fabric types.

Functions of Stenter Machines:

•Heat setting is done by the stenter for lycra fabric,synthetic and blended fabric.

•Width of the fabric is controlled by the stenter.

•Finishing chemical apply on fabric by the stenter.

•Loop of the knit fabric is controlled

•Moisture of the fabric is controlled by the stenter

Spirility controlled by the stenter

•GSM of the fabric is controlled by the stenter.

•Fabric is dried by the stentering process

•Shrinkage property of the fabric is controlled.

•Curing treatment for resin,water repellent fabricis done by the stenter.

Highest drying performance and process control matching any type of fabric due to the technically mature and proven split-flow air circulation system

Very homogeneous air flow and temperature distribution due to alternately arranged thermo zones

Very low specific energy consumption

Extremely robust chains, chain rails, pin bar carriers and clips, needing only little maintenance

Exactly reproducible finishing results because of a complete automation and recipe administration in the line

Available types of heating: gas direct, gas indirect, thermal oil, steam, electricity and combinations thereof as well as various types of radiation heating sources

Working widths up to 7 m are possible, depending on the type of application

Licheng integrates design, research and development and manufacturing of various printing machines, such as Hot Air Stenter and Flat Screen Printing Machine . For more information about hot air stenter, please feel free to contact us.

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