Easy & Delicious Idli Sambar Recipe


Idli sambar is not only famous in India this recipe has marked its presence all through the world. Originating from South India, this recipe is loved by all types of foodies and it is served in the whole India as a street food as well as in best cafes and restaurants. Idli sambar recipe is known as the complete mixture of lentils and veggies. Idlis are soft, fluffy and spongy like a white rice cake that is made by steamed rice. And, the dish sambar is made from vegetables and lentils and hence it is full of vitamins and proteins. The recipe is stacked with nutritious ingredients and it is therefore loved by people who look for the recipes with some health benefits. Idli sambar recipe is usually served with a tangy and spicy peanut chutney or coconut chutney. This is one of the simplest idli sambar recipe, with this recipe, you can easily learn how to make instant and delightful Idli sambar at home.

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