Hall not have leapt at the OSRS gold


Hall not have leapt at the DG-ship for a mere quarter-of-a-million spondoolicks a year?Ahem, some of us at the time offered to do it for less than the salary of a OSRS gold backbench MP.Mr Towers tried to help Mrs Fairhead and succeeded only in making matters worse. Perhaps Mr Nicolson should have enquired why 

Towers himself is paid £20,000 more than the Prime Minister. He hardly did much to earn it yesterday. His contributions were riddled by cliche and jargon, invariably starting with the word ‘so’ (always a sure sign of a yarner).Mr Norman asked about BBC payments to Fifa, the disgraced ruling body of international football. 

Was the Beeb satisfied that the vast sums it paid for TV rights had not found their way into some of Fifa’s stickier fingers? Mrs Fairhead glanced fretfully at Mr Towers.Mr Towers essayed smarmy competence but stalled midair – a glorious, open-mouthed, surely career-limiting dry.

Let’s take that away and look at it,’ said Mrs Fairhead, like a veterinary pathologist scooping up a gerbil in the early stages of rigor mortis.Dear me. How one misses the Beeb’s last chairman, fruity poohbah Patten. Ronaldinho has no intention of retiring after Rio Carnival as former Barcelona and Brazil star vows: 'there's more to come in 2016' | Daily Mail Online.

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