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Central America has always been an attractive tourist destination, and in recent years Guatemala has become well-known for providing superior medical care in over one hundred specialties and sub-specialties. Foreign residents and visitors are surprised to learn that the best Guatemalan doctors have studied in the finest teaching universities in Europe and the United States, and they are professionally recognized by respected medical associations around the world.

Thanks to instantly accessible internet resources, like, patients from all countries can read thesemedical professional profiles, to find the perfect doctor in Central Americawho can reliably improve their quality of life. A medical specialist that you know and trust will dispel your anxiety,give you excellent advice, and maybe even save your life. Knowing about the doctor in advance would be a valuable asset, for people to make an authentic connection that benefits the patient, and the people they love, for years to come.

Cancer is expected to affect about twenty percent of all people during their lifetimes.With this sobering statistic regularly in the news, you have to wonder how a cancer diagnosis might affect your lifestyle, family relationships, and long-term happiness. Determining the most effective course of treatment is the result of extensive testing and careful planning by a team of cooperating Cancer Doctor Oncologist Guatemala. In Guatemala, we are proud to offer three cancer treatment centers and top-notch oncologists, to impact the patient’s treatment plan toward a successful recovery.

Heart disease affects many people who are not even aware of the symptoms. When the situation is serious, patients might feel pain in the chest, like pressure, burning, heaviness or squeezing. Symptoms of coronary artery disease can also include dizziness, nausea, sweating or general weakness. In any of these circumstances, it is wise to have a consultation and complete cardiology check- up with a Cardiologist in Guatemala right away.

Pain management is a recognized specialty to treat chronic and acute pain. Treatment of pain associated with certain cancers, or short-term post-operative pain, for example, require advanced medical attention with specialized pain therapy in order to give relief. Pain can also arise for many different reasons such as nerve damage, and metabolic problems such as diabetes.Pain management doctors in Guatemala follow globally accepted guidelines to treat their patient with the care and attention they deserve.

This medical talent and genuine compassion are valuable resources that more international patients need to know about.These days, anyone with internet access is no longer a word-of-mouth common consumer, but a highly-enabled virtual marketplace collaborator. Starting in 2016, we all have the power to locate the best doctors in Central America through easily accessible internet resources. is your informative and reliable global community medical directory.

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