How to Make your own Cannabis Coconut Oil


Coconut oil has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and people are beginning to combine the properties of cannabis with coconut oil.

Coconut oil has a range of positive attributes that include a high concentration of fatty acids, which means that the cannabinoids can bind to the coconut oil much easier. Olive oil has a fatty acid content of 20% while coconut oil has been tested at 80%. This high percentage of saturated fats allows the coconut oil to retain a higher amount of cannabinoids during the process of extraction.


It is for this reason that coconut oil is a popular medium used for making homemade cannabis products like body soaks, topicals and even edibles. There are also many coconut products with marijuana are sold online at marijuana online stores that can be easily obtained.

What makes coconut oil so good?

Besides a high content of saturated fats, coconut oil also contains a range of other healthy acids and a long list of potential health benefits as well. One such acid is Lauric acid. This acid acts as a catalyst for the production of monoglyceride, which is an active antimicrobial.

One drawcard for people looking for a medium to use during the cannabinoid extraction is that coconut oil also ensures that your final result is solidified when left at room temperature. This is important and highly convenient for those looking to create a tropical product infused with cannabis. Also, storing it at a solid state is helpful and can be easily put into a capsule.

Coconut oil is also a very simple medium to use when producing your own cannabis infused products, instead of buying them from marijuana stores online. All you will have to do is buy the marijuana, online or at a storefront dispensary, and buy the coconut oil. The process itself requires some focus and attention however this simple recipe will get you going in no time:

Cannabis Coconut Infusion Recipe

You will need the following ingredients:

- A cup of finely chopped marijuana, you can buy your favourite strain at an online marijuana store and find out specific details for the best strains to use for skincare by searching for marijuana online.
- Coconut oil, approximately one cup.

You will need the following kitchen tools:

- Depending on what you find easier to use, you can use a cheesecloth or a strainer
- A hand held grinder for the cannabis. Alternatively, you can grind the bud by scissors but this could take longer. Avoid using coffee been grinders or blenders because this is too harsh for the cannabis.
- A Saucepan. Slow cookers and double-boilers can also be used, it is up to you and what you prefer to cook with.

What to do:

1. Start off by grinding you marijuana. If you want to avoid getting bits of cannabis flower or stem into your topical then avoid grinding the cannabis into a fine powder, as this will slip through the cheesecloth or the strainer.

2. Mix the coconut oil and the ground marijuana into your saucepan. Use a low heat and let it simmer together for a few hours. Always keep an eye on the mixture and keep the temperature regulated and low. This long and slow heated process is the simplest method to allow for the THC is become active, which is called decarboxylation, and it avoids any overheating or burning of the marijuana mixture.
Naturally, there are some that will just find it simplest to purchase the coconut marijuana online or the specific topical at an online marijuana store but there is something rewarding about the effort you put in and end up creating a finished product that nourishes your skin.

3. Allow the mixture to simmer on this low for a few hours and remember to never let the temperature of the coconut oil mixture go higher than 245F. Use the following guide depending on your method:

    Saucepan: keep the heat low and allow to simmer for a minimum of three hours. Stir the mixture often.
    Slow cooker: keeping the mixture on a low heat, simmer in the slow cooker for between four and six hours. Stir the mixture every 30 or so minutes.
    Double boiler: it is best to leave the mixture simmering on the double boiler, stirring intermittently, for eight hours.

4. Strain your cookies mixture through your cheesecloth or the strainer. Once the oil has strained, you can store your coconut cannabis mixture for up to two months at average room temperature, however in the summer it is advisable to store it cold in the refrigerator.

This cannabis coconut oil is great to use as an ingredient in edibles and it can be used as an excellent moisturiser for your skin. Again, it may be easier to purchase it online but buying it from an online marijuana store does not bring the same satisfaction of crafting it yourself, at home.

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