Gaijin Entertainment today announced a summer u...


Gaijin Entertainment today announced a summer update for War Thunder, its online MMO against the background of World War II. The ten million War Thunder players are getting ready to discover new vehicles and their impressive punch.

Two tanks of the 1960s appear. The M60A1 and the incredible T-62 become respectively the best tanks of the section of War Thunder Golden Eagles the American and Soviet medium tanks. The American M60A1 is ideal for players who prefer an aggressive approach, its frontal armor conferring optimal resistance to allow them time to retreat or send a final salvo while the enemy is reloading. The Russian T-62, although slower than the T-54, compensates for its lack of speed by its devastating firepower thanks to a 115mm gun, compatible with many shells.

The best of all mass-produced Thunderbolt, the American P-47N-15 Thunderbolt, has been added to the game. This Thunderbolt is one of the fastest engine-powered aircraft in the game. Extremely handy, even at high speed, this last modification makes it an essential plane.

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