Thanks to the fine aerial control pros are capa...


Thanks to the fine aerial control pros are capable of, these moments happen regularly. Players soar through the air, combine deft touches with great smashes and often construct goals out of Rocket League Keys what is best described as an alley-oop — a pitch-perfect pass across the map to a soaring attacker who volleys the ball into the back of the goal. Instead of trying to explain what Creep Score (CS) means or how it indicates advantage, casters can focus instead on the excitement of the game itself. Again, this doesn't make Rocket League a 'better' game, but it creates an advantage for the game in terms of mainstream accessibility which is hard to beat.

One disadvantage the ease of access might herald is a degree of staleness. Those core elements which make Rocket League so perfect might lead to a situation where the game feels repetitive to both players and spectators. This is inherent to esports — where regular sports see fatigue come through extended physical exertion, esports see fatigue come through boredom. And because esports don't feature a great deal of physical fatigue, it's possible to play dozens of rounds in a day — like a hyperbolic time chamber for the meta of the game. Whereas soccer might see grand tactical shifts every few years or so, Rocket League can see a similar number of professional level games occur inside of a week, and the evolution of the game speeds up accordingly.

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