Between a number Maple Story 2 Mesos of


Between a number Maple Story 2 Mesos of the moving lasers you need to get the timing just rightSome Strategies for getting while IT IS STILL IN ABOUT although SIGHT TO DISAPPEAR Move beyond the laser So essentially you move through the laser that the second it disappears but you have ta start your personality moving towards it because it is


still visible If you keep this in mind you should get itAt the conveyer belt component dont be reluctant to backtrack The spikey wall which comes after does not begin moving until you leap off of the belt The trick here is to maneuver your android towards the end of the belt then move yourself far away from the edge then turn your


personality so its facing towards the spikey wall management At this point so that you dont fall off press d to produce your jump and backtrack yourself back down the conveyer belt At this point your android is in the bottom and you are still in the very best Now you can carefully fall off the belt keep pressing on your > arrow


continuously so you dont go flying off and then buy Maplestory 2 Mesos you whack the vent at the bottom until it breaks and press around enterFor those who have made it past B B and B are much easier if youre struggling just buy mesos from MMOakcom and youll be through in no time The moving lasers go quickest when they are closer to the middle of

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