In the new Franchise mode


Also new in NHL 18 is the NHL Threes Mode. This is a fast-paced arcade mode that reduces the game into a madcap 3-on-3 match, with odd bonuses, like money pucks (goals are worth more points), new presentations, and a mascot mode, where NHL mascots take the ice. Players have autonomy to create their own rules for Threes, and the action can even be taken online for some fun games against far away friends and strangers. Everything here is over the top, but not like NBA Jam over the top, which is good. This is the perfect distraction from the various other game modes, of which there are many

In the new Franchise mode, players can opt to take the newly minted Vegas Golden Knights and build them into a winner, or they can create the mythical 32nd NHL team (to even up the league), or just take your favorite team and run the day-to-day on the way to a Stanley Cup. Last year, I primarily played Season mode, and this year I took on the mantle of NHL 19 Coins running the entire franchise. And I must say, I enjoy this mode. As team general manager, you are responsible for almost every aspect of the franchise, down to what is served at the concessions (poutine is a must!). I juggle contracts and facility upkeep, and I can opt to suggest to the owner to relocate the team if the opportunity arises, and there are even new locations available in NHL 18, including cities in Europe.

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