[PoE 3.2 Juggernaut Build] Rapid evident accele...


This build is to complete 3 things. Quick evident quicken to T10, Straightforward Uber Lab and low-cost. So far it's got done that product exceeded my !
For those who find themselves using Daresso's they, stay complete all from the POE Currency time while using refresh on kill. In the wedding you are employing a new piece, you'll bounce down and up till Unyielding recharges them. At present applying to have an astral plate and anytime in packs full charges up.
If you happen to be having challenges maintaining the fees up, modify your gems. It is possible to get CwDT + Warlords + Ice Golem all level 1
+ Low-cost (for one from the most element)
+ Terrific clear speed
+ Can do approximately Tier ten maps simply
+ Can use a large amount of diverse gear
+ Simple mode for Uber lab
- Can get high priced for your 6L chest setup
- Can't-do reflect magic/physical maps
- Caps out about 700k DPS +/- a couple of
- Not as strong because 2H builds
Creator: LessCowBell

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