The Dark Zone is The Division 2's premier player

Titile In The Division 2 players need to find SHD Tech to add more perks to their characters. SHD Tech is a finite resource that unlocks access to the best perks in The Division 2. As you complete story quests,the-division-2-has-a-greater-focus-on-endgame-play,5996.html side missions and more you'll naturally gain XP and level up. Leveling up rewards you one SHD Tech. It's the slowest way to earn the valuable resource. At the end of each story mission you'll gain loads of XP and resources like skill unlock points. Not only that but beating a story mission can grant up to 10 SHD Tech. Of course there's a limited number of main story missions so don't rely on these quests to get SHD Tech.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is currently available to play for those who purchased the Gold and Ultimate editions of the game. Because of the online nature of the game GameSpot's access privileges to The Division 2 are the same as those who have those editions so we're playing and experiencing concurrently to those players. All players will receive access to the game by Friday March 15. Below you'll find some day-one impressions from me who'll be writing the final review. The Division 2 has to offer with its endgame content including specializations invaded missions PvP and the Dark Zones. We appreciate your patience as we dig deep into this huge game.

If you're already playing The Division 2 you probably want to make the most of your early-access time with the game so make sure you plan some meals or abstract theorycrafting or maybe even sleep for when The Division 2 servers go down on Thursday. Ubisoft said on The Division 2's official forum that it will add "a small patch" to the game during the maintenance period with more detailed update notes to follow. Ubisoft has moved its planned maintenance up by half an hour but the expected duration remains the same. Prepare for the servers to go offline starting at 1:00 am PDT / 4:00 am EDT / 8:00 am GMT and come back around 3 hours after that.

The Dark Zone is The Division 2's premier player versus player (PvP) mode and one of the best ways to get loot in the game. In a Dark Zone players can take on AI enemies to find loot. They can also turn on each other to steal that loot and make it their own. To unlock the Dark Zone in The Division 2 you'll have to level up the game's first settlement The Theater to level three. Once it's there you'll receive a new recruit Senait Ezera who gives you the mission to unlock the Dark Zone. You'll need to be at least level 10.

Now that players with early access have jumped into Tom Clancy's The Division 2 many of them are fighting their way towards level 30 before Friday's official launch. Doing so will enable these players to be ready to get the best gear possible when heading into Dark Zones the title's PvPvE areas. Speaking of which here's how to access The Division 2's three Dark Zones. The first thing you'll want to do is keep chipping away at the main campaign. As you progress through this you'll want to upgrade the Theater Settlement to Level 3 which will then allow you to recruit Senait Ezera. Meet her back at the White House Base of Operations and she will give you the mission to unlock DZ East your first Dark Zone.

After you run across your first safe house you'll see the location of SHD Tech hidden in the surrounding district. There will be several caches littered across that zone on your map usually hidden down alleyways and other side streets. These missions offer up a good handful of tech and you'll often find several as you unlock districts. SHD Side Missions are also a great opportunity to defeat enemies and level up so doing multiple side missions can score you a chunk of SHD Tech at once. But in both cases my feelings about the place is the same: I really want to spend more time there.

You never know if these planned maintenance sessions will turn into unplanned extended outages. Early access to The Division 2 is one of the benefits of buying certain special editions and it'd be a big bummer for Ubisoft to bite into any more of that time than it's already announced. Let's all think happy thoughts and lend our spirit energy to the Ubisoft developers working late/early so that everything goes smoothly and the servers come back on schedule. Ubisoft hasn't detailed its plans for regular maintenance work on The Division 2 yet.

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