Taking a look at the movie Torchlight Frontiers...


Taking a look at the movie Torchlight Frontiers Gold it seems like (thanks to consoles) Torchlight Frontiers will be amazingly limited in your ability builds, so that you can match all your abilities in a 4~6 hotbar without struggling at all.I can already see how character builds will evolve into focusing all my points into 1 skill and spam that all day in every


situation, because why would you need utility and debuffs when you may only do bigger and larger numbers together with your all-around skill? I was really hyped for Torchlight Frontiers, but looking in the video and the comments that it makes me realize that game developers have their heads inside their asses all the time and we will


just receive a mediocre game that'll be as deep as a puddle with a good demonstration to make people feel effort was put in to Torchlight Frontiers. What a pity, I truly feel a game like this may be the ultimate MMO, because you have much to work with, dungeons may be very cool, boss battles could actually be challenging and demanding, and courses could (if built right) be greater than just"Spam the 1 button for many numbers on the screen".


Glad to see Torchlight Frontiers getting produced cheap Torchlight Frontiers Gold Looking forward to hearing and enjoying it one day!If you are open to suggestions, here's one for shifting between multiple outfits. How about an"outfit slot", which acts like a container which can hold one full set of equipment. Your inventory has three or two costume slots and your

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