MLB The Show 19 Home Run Derby simulation

Titile Like a lot of games MLB The Show 19s trophies span a lot of different game modes and force you to get engage with nearly every aspect of the game at least once. This years game asks you to dip into Franchise Mode Diamond Dynasty and focuses on some of the more minute details within Road to the Show.

There are trophies hidden in the depths of each mode that you might not automatically run into if you weren't specifically hunting for them meaning earning that platinum trophy can be a lot of hard work. There are nine hidden trophies this year but not all require seasons of play or ultra-specific events to happen. Many are things you will naturally be striving to do such as throw an immaculate inning or pitch a no-hitter but there are also some that will take a lot of hard work to earn.

The Chicago Cubs are best known for not winning. They were established in 1876 and won their first World Series in 1907 and successfully defended it in 1908. But then the drought started. They won the 1910 National League pennant but lost in the World Series and suffered the same fate in 1918. That was their last pennant for generations as the Cubs struggled through the 50s all the way to the 80s when they finally claimed 2 division titles but failed to make the World Series. They won the Central Division three times in the 2000s including in 2003 when their playoffs turned on the famous Steve Bartman play.

The New York Yankees are the most successful franchise in baseball history. From Babe Ruth to Lou gehrig Joe DiMaggio Mickey Mantle and Derek Jeter the pinstripes have been worn by some of the greatest players ever and have lifted 27 World Series titles along with 40 American League Pennants. Their most recent success came in 2009 which for most teams would be fine but for the Yankees it is one of their longest droughts ever.

Every baseball fan loves the long ball! Well that is if it is not happening to your favorite team. With the annual Home Run Derby set to take place on July 8 from Cleveland Ohio what better way to break down an early MLB The Show 19 Home Run Derby simulation between two video game cover athletes? Bryce Harper is one of the most polarizing figures in baseball. He also happens to be the MLB The Show 19 cover athlete. Alex Bregman is a rising star for the Houston Astros. He is gracing the cover of RBI Baseball this year. Now the two cover athletes are squaring off in an MLB The Show 19 Home Run Derby showdown!

The latest MLB The Show 19 headliners and Topps Moments have been revealed. One of the things that makes MLB The Show the most popular baseball game on the market is the way they keep up with current events. The new Moments feature is a hit with gamers and it has made the latest version of The Show the best yet!

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