RUNESCAPE is back, old style


After a lot of effort, the classic MMORPG RuneScape has returned. The first 3D graphics - the glory of real existence. Yes, eternal (maybe you ask, or a steady stream of people) music, humorous tasks, and internet trolls have been updated and optimized to the iOS platform. With a comfortable phone, you can play the Mafia War in 35 minutes, after which it will drain all your battery life.

Seriously, controlling the game's accessibility and comfort through the touch screen is enough for me to return. The regular player activity can continue to RS Gold provide positive motivation for the game. As before, it is possible to train, team and invest with friends.

Your old RuneScape account is not available for the YE OLDEN SCHOOL version, but if you are patiently honed for the first time, there may not be much to stop you from now on - just like those who restart Poké every three days and build A new team and start their thrilling adventures.

Opening the RuneScape in the classroom is easy, opening trees or fishing during work stoppages or at other times (unless you never stop driving the lights while driving, because no soul will open the app in a really dangerous moment). There is no need to go to the camp, reducing trees, fish or kill wild animals, because you can access these activities at a higher speed and lower resolution in RuneScape Old School.

For newcomers to RuneScape, by participating in specific activities, you will be able to improve your skills, gain new abilities, spells, skills, crafts, and more. Gain battle, magic, archery experience, or become a craftsman. The dynamic economy of the RuneScape program and the economy generated by the players have given people a good reason to participate in making progress in this dream world. If you haven't used it before, please generate a free account and spend at least an hour after your tutorial to get used to it and see if the game is right for you. Either way, you will have a few stories.

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