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Probably, thinking of how to arrange a living room furniture couple with TV? Well, we have mentioned some great and proven home improvement layout hikes that are stunning and well-liked by our hundreds of customers. 

Whether you are looking to arrange furniture in a narrow living room? Or wanted to make your rectangular room astonishing with TV? 

These loving living room furniture ideas will help you set out your interior home gorgeous, elegant, and freshness with or without TV.

But, before starting, you need to think about what are the resources needed to make your living room better with TV. 

Here are some suggestions we have hand-picked by our creative minds:

  • A couple of designer sofa set 

  • Sofa set best friend - sofa chairs 

  • Sparkle designed central table

  • A standing lamp 

  • Loving ground-settle Rug

  • Twosome Memorable portraits 

  • Customizable artifacts like flowers and other showpieces

To be honest, these are just for fancy items, you don’t need to have all, have some basic of it will also work great.

Well, let’s move further…! 

[Top 5] Living Room Furniture with Tv Arrangement Ideas

Read, Select, and Arrange your living room furniture to suit the way you want. Moreover, you may visit the furniture store to check their photo gallery, booklet, and posters for inspiration.

No.1 - F2F Arrangement Idea 

The Face-2-Face Sitting arrangement idea with TV works great for small living room area. The setting doesn’t require so fancy items, just have a sofa set with two chairs or one along with centered coffee-table. 

Talking about the scenario, Sofa Set and Chair positioned parallel way i.e. facing each other. And your TV may sit on the left or right side, where is space open.

No.2 - Trivial Arrangement Idea

Simple look classy and unbeatable! If you don’t want to load your mind to think too much. Then opt for a trivial affordable home furniture idea that comprises of only chairs and sofa, no rugs, no table, no standing lamp, and showpeices. 

As you can see in the image, it works great for a narrow space living room. Exposing a great look, comfortable sitting area, and loving texture are good as searching for a more trivial look.

No.3 - Divide Space Idea

If you have a large spacious living room and thinking about how to colored with TV then the Divide space idea will work here great. 

You need not do hard-work, just divide your large space into multiple zones i.e tv with sofa set, coffee table with chair, study desk with high back chair all at different spaces. This widely gives you astonishing look and comfortable environment in your living room. 

No.4 - Sofa Chair Idea

Leaving Sofa for once, you may charm-up your small living room furniture with tv only using Chairs such as High back chairs, sofa-style chairs, and more. A couple of two chairs facing right to the TV face and in middle have a polished mirror table. 

This helps to make a space in your living room to avoid mobbed and bottle-neck feeling. 

No.5 - FirePlace Idea

This is hot, gonna love it. With a lovely white rug standing on it a mirror-shining table surround with two beautiful chairs and a modern style sofa, all grunt next to the fireplace - will flush out your mood to laugh and smile last for hours. 

Hay! But where are your TV on all of this? Did you forget it to place? NO

Place your TV at a right angle on a credenza cabinet next to the fireplace. Enjoy!

Well, this isn’t completed, you have dozens of options available to revamp your living room furniture with TV. 

Perhaps, if you confuse what idea suit for what living room style, let me help you. 

If you’re looking to arrange furniture in a narrow living room - you may consider F2F, Trivial, and Sofa Chair Idea. At flipside, looking to arrange furniture in a rectangular or large space area - then you may consider FirePlace and Divide Space Idea. 

Good luck, style up your living room furniture with a TV with these extra-ordinary arrangement ideas. 

Thanks for reading the article...!

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